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  • Do AC systems rated at 13 SEER qualify for any rebates or tax credits?
  • Why do 13 SEER air conditioners cost less than more efficient models?
  • Can a 13 SEER central AC unit provide adequate cooling?

13 SEER Bryant AC Texas homeowners and rental property owners looking for the lowest possible initial cost for a new or replacement central AC system can get exactly that with 13 SEER-rated models from all manufacturers, including Carrier, Lennox, Bryant, Daikin Goodman, Trane, Rheem, Amana, Ruud, American Standard and more. Due to their simplicity of design and single-stage compressors, they are less expensive to manufacture. Federal government regulations make these models the lowest efficiency central air conditioning equipment that is available in all states. Although these basic models don’t qualify for energy company rebates or any available tax credits, their low initial cost makes them popular when budgets are limited. They do a great job of keeping homes cool, and are available in capacities that can handle any home’s needs.

Much more efficient than older 8-11 SEER units, they’ll also save money every month on your energy bills if you’re replacing an obsolete, inefficient central AC unit or even less efficient window units. Installation costs for this equipment are about the same as for higher efficiency models, but the purchase price of these units is considerably lower than for more efficient versions. Compare prices, warranties and reputations for more than one brand, since you’ll find a wide range of prices from different manufacturers. AC contractors in Dallas Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio areas will provide price quotes for a range of units suitable for any home.

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If your budget is tight and you’re looking for a low-cost central air conditioner, keep in mind that you’ll find a broad range of prices for models that match your needs. Hundreds of HVAC dealers and contractors supply and install top-quality AC equipment across Texas, from Pasadena, Fresno and Manvel to Kendleton, Fulshear and Sugar Land in Houston suburbs, from Desoto, Waxahachie and Hutchins to Seagoville, Ables Springs and Mesquite in Dallas Ft. Worth suburbs, and from Fischer, Timberwood Park and Leon Valley to Redwood, LaVernia and New Braunfels in San Antonio suburbs. Compare prices and warranties for units from more than one manufacturer and make your choice carefully. You’re sure to find a model within your budget that will provide you with efficient, reliable cooling for your home and family. Also compare total cost, including installation, for systems with higher SEER ratings. You may find that energy bill savings over time make opting for a higher-efficiency system an attractive choice.