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14 SEER and 15 SEER Air Conditioners – Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX

  • Will a 14 SEER AC actually save money on energy bills?
  • Do all manufacturers offer these higher efficiency models?
  • Are there differences in initial cost for these systems, depending on brand?

14 SEER Lennox AC While 13 SEER central air conditioners are a popular, low-cost choice for homeowners in the San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston areas, many consumers discover that paying a little more for higher efficiency makes sense. Lower energy bills over the lifetime of a central air conditioner rated at 14 or 15 SEER covers the increased initial cost in just a year or two. All manufacturers, including Lennox, Rheem, Goodman, Daikin, Carrier, Trane, Bryant, Comfortmaker, Amana and more, offer products of these ratings. These air conditioners are simple in design, but operate more efficiently, serving as an alternative to their lowest-priced 13-SEER units. Since installation costs are almost identical, many homeowners decide, after seeing energy bill estimates, to opt for more efficient options.

When comparing different models, ask Texas AC companies to give you comprehensive price quotes for a range of options from multiple manufacturers. Ask, too, for estimates of typical annual energy costs for the ones you’re considering. In many cases, you’ll find that choosing a 14 SEER or 15 SEER model from one manufacturer can actually cost less than a 13 SEER model from a different manufacturer. Make your final decision only after thoroughly evaluating your options. You’ll find a wide price range, depending on brands and features.

Choose Your Ideal 14-15 SEER AC Model from a Range of Brands

14 and 15 SEER Performance Is an Affordable Option for Texas Homeowners

A large number of energy efficient AC products are serving homeowners in all regions Texas, from Mineral Wells, Poolville and Weatherford to Royce City, Quinlan and Hawk Cove in the Dallas Fort Worth area, from Cloverleaf, Friendswood and Sheldon to Rosharon, Bonney and Fresno in the Houston metro, and from Leming, Anchorage and Poteet to Geronimo, St. Hedwig and Martindale in the San Antonio area.

Budget-conscious homeowners owe it to themselves to consider higher efficiency options when choosing a new or replacement central air conditioner for their homes. While a basic 13 SEER system has the lowest initial equipment cost, choosing a more efficient model is often a better choice. Savings on monthly energy bills for just a year or two can cover the additional total cost, including installation. Then, your savings continue over the long life of your new equipment. That can reduce your cost per year of ownership dramatically, giving you better value overall. The choice is yours. Ask any local HVAC contractor to give you price quotes and energy cost estimates for a range of equipment and do the math.