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19 SEER to 21 SEER Air Conditioners – San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, TX

  • Why do these premium high efficiency AC systems cost more?
  • Will these high priced products keep my home more comfortable?
  • How can I save money on the cost of a 21 SEER air conditioner?

19 SEER Lennox AC Throughout Texas, from Houston and San Antonio to Dallas and Fort Worth and nearby communities, discerning homeowners and real estate developers are quality and performance conscious. When it comes to their luxurious homes, only the best is good enough. When it comes to central air conditioning equipment, these consumers seek out the most efficient, feature-packed systems for their homes. They expect and demand the ultimate in home comfort, but also appreciate maximum savings on their energy bills. For these property owners, many home comfort system manufacturers offer top-of-the-line models that deliver both. Premium quality systems come at a somewhat higher initial cost, but deliver no-compromise performance, efficiency and quiet, smooth operation.

Featuring multi-speed or variable speed compressors, state-of-the-art control systems and whisper quiet operation, these air conditioners, rated at 19 SEER to 21 SEER or even higher, are the ultimate choice. Through eligibility for any available rebates and tax credits, buyers of these Energy Star qualified units can recover some of their higher cost. Then, their outstanding efficiency helps to keep energy bills as low as possible. Outstanding warranty protection demonstrates their reliability and long life, too. Over the lifetime of these premium products, they prove their true value, making them an excellent investment in your comfort. Any Texas AC dealer can show you the benefits of these units and help you compare them with other systems.

Premium AC Performance and Maximum Efficiency from Many Manufacturers

No-Compromise Cooling Efficiency and Comfort At Competitive Pricing

Hundreds of dealers and contractors specialize in supplying and installing these top-notch products in all regions of Texas, from Wilmer, Burleson and Hutchins to Richardson, Rowlett and Haltom City in the Dallas Fort Worth area, from Sheldon, Friendswood and League City to Patton Village, Kingwood and Dobbin in the Houston metro, and from Lacoste, Natalia and Macdona to LaVernia, Adkins and Sutherland Springs in the San Antonio area.

Insisting on outstanding performance and unbeatable efficiency for your Texas home’s air conditioning system doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Although 19-21 SEER efficiency or even higher comes at a premium price, initial cost isn’t the only measure of value. Lower energy bills realized through high efficiency will offset the higher initial cost over the lifetime of any of the central AC equipment above. Ask a local dealer for an evaluation and price quote and compare various models from several manufacturers. Look at estimated annual energy costs and you’ll see the advantage of opting for the highest possible efficiency. You’ll also enjoy the quiet performance and even cooling offered by these premium models for many years to come. The choice is yours.