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Carrier Geothermal Heat Pumps for Houston, Dallas Fort Worth and San Antonio, TX

  • How do Carrier geothermal products compared to other brands in pricing?
  • How much can I save on energy bills with this green technology?
  • Can a geothermal system replace an old gas and electric HVAC system?

Carrier Geothermal AC As one of the most widely recognized home comfort system manufacturers in the United States, it’s only natural that Carrier manufactures a complete line of geothermal heating and air conditioning products. With a solid reputation for quality, efficiency and performance over time, its equipment is a top choice for many Texas AC contractors and homeowners. For all types of installations, you will find a full range of model lines, with outstanding efficiency and capacities to handle the needs of any home. Among the air conditioning contractors listed in our comprehensive directory for the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio areas, there are many Factory Authorized Dealers who specialize in this popular and trusted brand.

Packaged All-in-One Geothermal Central HVAC Heat Pumps

Ideal for new homes under construction and as replacements for existing central, forced-air residential systems, these packaged systems offer capacities from 2 tons to 6 tons, efficiency ratings up to 32 EER, and flexible installation methods that fit into any Texas home. Advanced control systems, quiet operation, and factory limited warranties up to 10 years combine with competitive pricing to make these systems a must when considering your choices.

Carrier Split-System Geothermal Heat Pumps

For homes already equipped with a newer central heating furnace and air ducts, opting for a split system ground source heat pump is a money and energy-saving upgrade. It replaces your existing split AC unit, but converts your homes HVAC system to hybrid operation. Under most conditions, your more efficient heat pump will handle all home comfort needs, with your existing furnace providing air circulation and supplemental heating. These split systems can also be used with separate air handling equipment. Choose from two model lines.

Carrier Geothermal Heating and Cooling Technology for Texas Homes

As more and more Texans are adopting this new ecofriendly technology, thousands of Carrier geothermal heat pumps have been installed across all regions of Texas, from Dobbin, Hufsmith and Montgomery to Fresno, Rosharon and Pasadena in the great Houston metro, from Allen, Murphy and Grapevine to Desoto, Burleson and Kennedale in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and from Geronimo, St. Hedwig and Calaveras to Lacoste, Castroville and Quihi in the San Antonio metro.

Find out if a ground source heat pump is an ideal match to your home’s design and requirements. For both new homes and existing ones, you’ll learn about systems that can revolutionize your home comfort while saving you thousands of dollars over the years on your energy bills. In a free consultation, you’ll get the facts you need to compare various models, along with a competitive price quote on the total cost, including installation, tax credits and factory rebates, along with estimates of how much you can save. Geothermal technology could be an ideal choice for you, so get the facts you need and consider all factors before making your final decision.