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ClimateMaster Tranquility Geothermal Split System HVAC Models

ClimateMaster Geothermal Heat Pumps Installation Houston Dallas San Antonio TX Many Texas homes, both existing and new, are designed with air duct systems to accommodate a furnace and split system air conditioning or heat pump to provide heating and cooling. When a new system is needed, either for original installation or replacement, most homeowners opt for a gas furnace and outdoor electrically operated air conditioner compressor and condenser unit. While these products provide good comfort, they are costly to operate. As natural gas, propane and electricity costs continue to rise, so do energy bills. Until recently, there were few options. Today, though, more and more homeowners in the San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston areas are choosing new, more efficient, money-saving ground source heat pump systems instead.

By taking advantage of the thermal energy stored underground, geothermal heat pumps use far less energy than the traditional HVAC systems. A refrigeration-cycle compressor and water circulating in buried ground loop plumbing can provide both heat and cooling at a fraction of the cost of using gas and electricity alone. ClimateMaster offers a line of split system models that can be mounted indoors or outdoors that use the stored underground thermal energy to cut energy bills as much as 80%. While these revolutionary systems cost somewhat more initially, they save big money for homeowners over their lifetimes. They can be installed from scratch in new homes to handle all heating and air conditioning with an air handler instead of a furnace. They can also work with an existing furnace system to create a retrofitted hybrid HVAC system.

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, TX

ClimateMaster offers ground-source split systems that enable any homeowner to take advantage of this exciting new technology. There are many HVAC companies that specialize in installing and servicing this new equipment in all regions of Texas, from Leon Valley, Amphion and McQueeney to Lytle, San Marcos and McCoy in the San Antonio area, from Tomball, Yarboro and Stafford to Galveston, Willis and Bellaire in the Houston area, and from Garland, Forney and Hurst to Cleburne, Peaster and Benbrook in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Working with your local Texas AC supplier, you can find an energy-bill saving system that is an ideal match for your requirements and budget. When you compare the potential savings on energy bills every month in a free consultation, you’ll learn how quickly you can repay the additional cost of the equipment and installation and begin enjoying the benefits of geothermal heat pumps for many years to come. For new homes and existing homes alike, ask your contractor to compare this new technology with traditional residential furnaces and air conditioners in a free consultation. Get the information you need to make the best decision for your unique situation.