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ClimateMaster Tranquility Geothermal Heat Pump Sales – Dallas, Houston and San Antonio,TX

ClimateMaster Geothermal Dealer TX For new homes anywhere in Texas designed with air duct systems or for retrofitting existing homes, ground source heat pumps are an excellent choice for central heating and air conditioning. ClimateMaster, one of the most respected manufacturers of geothermal residential HVAC equipment, has become one of the most popular sources for this super-efficient, money-saving technology. Whether your home is in the Houston or Dallas Fort Worth areas or in or near San Antonio, using the heat stored in the ground on your property to heat and cool your home is a great economical decision.

ClimateMaster manufactures a full range of these environmentally friendly systems, including its top-of-the-line Trilogy models. For homeowners with smaller budgets, but who still want the energy bill reducing power of geothermal, the company also manufactures three models in its Tranquility model line. All offer revolutionary technology, outstanding warranties and quiet, efficient performance that saves you money every month. All are available from many local Texas AC companies listed on this website. This product line includes the models listed below:

Geothermal Central AC and Heating Systems Sales and Services in Texas

Every model in this Tranquility line comes with a 10-year limited warranty on all operational parts. Unlike most manufacturers, ClimateMaster also offers a 5-year labor allowance on warranty repairs, which can be extended to 10-years on an optional basis. If your ground loop pipes are supplied by ClimateMaster, they are covered by a 50-year limited warranty, too. This industry-leading warranty protection is your assurance of long life, reliability and trouble-free performance.

Energy costs have risen steadily over the past decades, and are likely to continue to increase. For Texas homeowners, those costs are a constant concern. Today’s geothermal heat pump technology offers an environmentally sound alternative to burning gas and using expensive electricity to heat and cool your home. If you’re building a new home or replacing an existing home HVAC system, ask any of the Texas AC companies listed on this website about this attractive option. No matter where you live, there are local dealers who specialize in sales and installation of this equipment, from Frisco, Hutchins and Royce City to Irving, Cleburne and Willow Park in the Dallas Fort Worth area, from Cinco Ranch, Sugarland and Katy to Dobbin, Aldine and Hockley in the Houston area, and from Christine, San Marcos and Lakehills to Calaveras, Campbellton and Fair Oaks Ranch in the San Antonio area. Compare features, initial cost and potential energy bill savings before making your final decision. Make the decision that’s best for your home’s comfort and your budget over the next decades.