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Your Older AC System May Be Costing You More Than You Think

If your old central air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, odds are that it’s not anywhere near as efficient as today’s systems. In addition, it may have developed tiny leaks and have lost refrigerant. Repairs are costly. It’s a good idea to have it evaluated by a trusted HVAC contractor. You’ll get a report on its efficiency rating and can discuss how much you can save each month with a more efficient new system. By planning a replacement in advance, you’ll also avoid a potential breakdown on the hottest day during Texas long summer.

Replace Old Window AC Units with Ductless AC Systems for Improved Comfort

Noisy, inefficient and unattractive window mounted AC units are common in Texas homes. If you’re tired of their loud operation and poor cooling, maybe it’s time to consider replacing them with high-efficiency, almost silent ductless air conditioning systems. You’ll increase the value of your home and ensure outstanding comfort that costs less every month. Get a free consultation and price quote from a rusted contractor. You’ll be glad you did.