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GeoComfort Geothermal Heat Pumps – Dallas Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston, TX

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GeoComfort Made exclusively in the USA, a full range of geothermal heat pumps is available for Texas homes from GeoComfort, an Enertech division. The company is a pioneer in this energy-saving technology and focuses solely on creating efficient, reliable ground source heating and cooling systems at highly competitive pricing. Available from independent residential HVAC contractors, their model lines offer some of the highest efficiencies available and enjoy a very strong reputation for performance and reliability. With capacities ranging from 2 to 6 tons, any Texas home will find a GeoComfort system that’s a perfect match. All models include advanced features, like domestic hot water heating, that are optional with other brands. The warranty protection is also superior, with lifetime compressor and air coil warranty available. Choose from a model line that suits your unique needs.

GeoComfort Vertical and Horizontal Packaged Models

Designed to completely replace traditional forced-air heating furnaces in new and existing homes, these all-in-one units combine geothermal-powered heating and air conditioning that works with your ductwork to deliver outstanding, even comfort throughout your home without the need to burn costly natural gas or propane or use budget-busting electric resistance heating. All models come with GeoComfort’s exclusive 10-year parts and accessories limited warranty and a 5-year labor warranty. All include variable speed blowers, Copeland scroll compressors, digital controls and standard domestic water heating. Every model is Energy Star rated and qualifies for all available rebates and tax credits.

GeoComfort Split System and Hydronic Geothermal Heat Pump Models

In Texas, many homeowners elect to install or keep an existing natural gas or propane furnace as part of their forced-air central HVAC system. GeoComfort offers both indoor and outdoor split system ground source heat pumps to work with those furnaces, creating an efficient hybrid system. They are designed to handle all air conditioning needs and most heating requirements, with the existing furnace kicking in only in the coldest weather. You enjoy the energy savings of geothermal technology, while retaining a traditional furnace for specific needs. These split units can also be used with an air handler, creating a 100% geothermal system where space is limited. GeoComfort hydronic models are ideal for homes with water-based heating features.

Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning for Houston, Dallas and San Antonio

GeoComfort products are bringing extraordinary comfort to homeowners across Texas, from Hillcrest, Bellaire and Manvel to Fulshear, Beasley and Simonton in the greater Houston area, from Redwood, Fentriss and McQueeney to Jourdanton, Amphion and Pleasanton in the San Antonio area, and from Benbrook, Willow Park and Annetta to Quinlan, Seagoville and Hawk Cove in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

In all communities, you’ll find reputable companies with long experience in installation of ground source heating and air conditioning equipment that matches the unique requirements of Texas homes. They’ll be glad to consult with you and provide price quotes and information on how much you can save on your energy bills with these energy-efficient products. Get the facts, compare brands, warranties and prices and make the best choice for your home, your family and your budget.