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How Geothermal Heat Pump Technology Works

  • Does geothermal technology work well for Texas homes?
  • How are geothermal and traditional heating and air conditioning different?
  • How much does a ground source heat pump cost?

How Geothermal Heat Pumps Work Texas is blessed with a relatively mild climate, despite the heat of summer and chilly winters. Compared with most US states, Texans enjoy reasonable heating and air conditioning costs. Still, the increasing cost of natural gas and electricity means that many Texas homeowners are looking for money-saving residential HVAC technology that can reduce their energy bills. That’s why more and more Texans are opting for cost-cutting geothermal systems for new homes and replacement purposes, from Houston to Dallas, and from Fort Worth to San Antonio. This technology is fairly recent, though, and not familiar to most people.

We want you to understand how these new systems work and how they compare to traditional home-comfort systems, such as gas furnaces, boilers and central air conditioners. Below, you’ll find the basic information you need to help you make your best possible decision when considering new or replacement home comfort products and the contractors who supply and install them:

Texas Is Ideal for Money Saving Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning

The mild weather makes ground source heat pump technology an outstanding choice in all parts of Texas, from Richmond, Humble and Cypress to Danbury, Grangerland and Lochridge in the Houston area, from Campbellton, Fentriss and Poteet to Valdina Farms, McQueeney and McCoy in the San Antonio area, and from Kennedale, Northlake and Saginaw to Irving, Richardson and Grapevine in the Dallas Fort Worth area. There are several top brands of equipment to choose from, including Carrier, ClimateMaster, GeoComfort, WaterFurnace and Trane. Your installer will advise you on the type of thermal energy transfer loop to install, whether it is vertical, horizontal or pond loop.

The stable moderate underground temperatures means the availability of plenty of thermal energy. Opting for geothermal HVAC systems is becoming more and more popular here, due to their reliable, even home comfort control, and the opportunity to both cut down on energy use and save money over time. You’ll find many residential heating and air conditioning companies in our easy-to-use directory who are experts in supplying, installing and maintaining these systems. Be sure to ask the contractors you contact for comparisons of both cost and savings before making your decision.