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Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems Let You Customize Your Comfort

If you’re considering a ductless AC or heat pump system but are concerned about the higher initial cost, keep in mind that they let you control the temperature for each individual room or zone in your home. That, along with the higher SEER efficiency of typical ductless system, lets you fine-tune your air conditioner use as needed. The energy bill savings can more than compensate for the additional cost.

Heat Pump Systems Can Be Big Money Savers for Texas Homes

In any AC system consultation, your HVAC contractor will discuss heat pump options with you. Although a heat pump version of the air conditioning system you’re considering costs more initially, you’ll find that it can dramatically reduce your heating costs, especially compared with electrical heating systems. For most of the winter, your heat pump will handle all of your heating needs, cutting your energy bills. Compare operating costs and find out how much you can save.