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Trane Geothermal Heat Pumps – Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, TX

  • Do Trane dealers in Texas have a lot of experience with geothermal systems?
  • What kind of warranties come with these heat pumps?
  • Can geothermal systems heat and cool large homes?

Trane Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pump Few brands of residential HVAC products are as well known as Trane. With well over 100 years of engineering and design excellence, it has created a complete line of stand-alone packaged geothermal heat pumps, along with hydronic models and split system units. All take maximum advantage of closed loop, in-ground thermal energy transfer to dramatically lower residential energy bills. Texas homeowners in the San Antonio area and in and near Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston can call many dealers and independent AC and heating companies who supply, install and service top-performing equipment by Trane in homes throughout the state. You’ll find a model that matches your requirements and budget:

Packaged All-in-One Ground Source Heat Pump Models

Available in capacities to suit even the largest Texas homes, these systems are ideal for new homes designed with ductwork or for replacement of forced-air heating and AC equipment in existing homes. Flexible in installation for vertical and horizontal orientation, they offer outstanding EER efficiencies. 10-year limited warranties are standard, with extended parts and labor warranties available. Super quiet and utilizing horizontal or vertical ground loop systems for heat transfer, they provide unmatched home comfort at a fraction of the energy costs of traditional systems.

Trane Split System Ground Source Heat Pumps

Designed to work with your existing high-efficiency gas furnace or an air handler and your ductwork, these split heat pumps are compact, quiet and take full advantage of the constant temperature under your property, using horizontal or vertical closed loop thermal energy transfer coils, or even transfer coils in a substantial body of water. Models are available for installation either outdoors or indoors, and the TAMG model air handler can turn these heat pumps into a complete home comfort system that replaces your furnace. Or you can retain your existing furnace for a hybrid system.

Trane Water-to-Water Hydronic Geothermal Heat Pumps

Countless Texas homes use hydronic heating and cooling systems, either with in-floor water tubing or wall radiators or a mixture of the two. Replacing the existing hot water heater, either natural gas, propane or electrical, with one of Trane’s super-efficient geothermal heat pumps is a sure way to cut up to 75% off your current energy expenses. Sized to match your home’s needs, they provide even heating and cooling far more efficiently, and can even take over your domestic hot water heating if you choose that option.

Trane Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Are Available Throughout Texas

As a leading manufacturer of residential heating and AC equipment, Trane has authorized dealers across Texas, from Balch Springs, Royce City and Heath to Euless, Benbrook and Weatherford in the Dallas Fort Worth area, from Kendalia, Pipe Creek and Alamo Heights to Campbellton, Somerset and Leming in the San Antonio metro, and from League City, Baytown and Ames to Cinco Ranch, Katy and Simonton in the Houston area.

Wherever you make your home in Texas, there’s an authorized Trane dealer near you who can supply, install and maintain a highly efficient heating and cooling system for your home, powered by free energy stored underground on your property. If you’re interested in the money-saving potential of geothermal energy, contact a contractor near you and ask for a free on-site evaluation and price quote. You’ll get all the details about systems that are ideal for your home and calculations that help you understand the long-term energy savings you can realize.