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WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pumps – Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, TX

  • Are geothermal systems designed for Texas weather?
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  • Can a geothermal heat pump replace both the gas furnace and central AC?

WaterFurnace Dealer WaterFurnace is a pioneer in residential geothermal technology, founded in 1983 with the goal of creating outstanding products for the US marketplace. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it has been in the forefront of developing and improving ground source heating and air conditioning systems of all types for residential use. Today, the manufacturer offers a complete line of highly efficient, cost-competitive equipment that utilizes state-of-the-art engineering and quality-oriented design to meet the needs of homeowners everywhere. From all-in-one packaged models that deliver phenomenal 41 EER efficiency to split systems and hydronic units, Texas homeowners can find a product to match any home, supported by limited parts and labor warranties up to 10 years. Before choosing any unit for your Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth or San Antonio area home, consider a WaterFurnace product from your local Texas AC and heating company.

All-in-One Packaged Geothermal HVAC Systems

For homes with air circulation ducts, central heating and air conditioning is the standard solution. Today’s ground source heat pumps are among the most economical, energy-saving options for both new homes and as replacements for gas furnaces and central AC units in existing homes. Even with the additional cost of installing underground thermal energy transfer loops, these products can save you up to 75% on your energy bills over their lifetime. You’ll repay those additional costs in the first 3-5 years, in most cases, and enjoy the savings for decades. Choose from several different packaged systems, available in capacities to suit any home:

WaterFurnace Split System and Hydronic Geothermal Heat Pump Units

As a leading HVAC equipment manufacturer, WaterFurnace offers high-efficiency, money-saving geothermal equipment for all types of home designs in Texas. Using the same, proven technology, split system and hydronic units offer maximum flexibility, letting your Texas AC and heating contractor retrofit your existing home or a new home you’re building to take advantage of environmentally friendly, economical heating and air conditioning powered by the constant temperatures underground on your property. Rely on your contractor to help you select a model that is ideally suited to your home’s design and requirements.

WaterFurnace Dealers in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX

When it’s time to consider a new heating and air conditioning for an existing home or a new home being built, consider the outstanding energy savings and convenience of a ground source heat pump before making your final decision. There are many HVAC contractors who specialize in this green technology, in all areas of Texas, from Frisco, Richardson and Garland to Crowley, Hutchins and Waxahachie in the Dallas Ft. Worth metro, from Rosenberg, Hungerfort and Hockley to La Porte, Dayton and Ames in the Greater Houston metro, and from Somerset, Amphion and Charlotte to Pipe Creek, Fischer and Timberwood Park in the San Antonio metro. They’ll be glad to help you with free consultations, information and price quotes on a wide range of available systems. They can do calculations, based on your unique home’s features and design, to show you how much you can save over the lifetime of any system. Before making an investment in your home’s comfort, take the time to consider all of your options and make the choice that’s best for you.